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Although Kabbalah has made a dramatic entrance into pop culture over the past decade, authentic Kabbalah is an ancient discipline dating back over 3,300 years.  This deeply esoteric, mystical branch of Judaism has been handed down by word of mouth throughout the generations and came to written form in the second century by Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai.  Learning Kabbalah will give profound inner meaning to written Scripture and attempt to describe the transcendent nature of a formless, infinite God as He relates to His finite creations.  You might ask, “What’s a nice, serious subject like Kabbalah doing in a book like this?”  The answer lies in Kabbalah itself.  Laughter is an involuntary reflex that transcends reason and lifts us above our physical state, allowing for an unselfconscious connection with something beyond the self – God, for example.  A joyful person is open, available and willing to entertain concepts that don’t necessarily fit a logical paradigm.  So jokes can become vehicles through which we can contemplate the divine. The word “Kabbalah” literally means “what has been received,” in this case, what was received along with the giving of the Torah (the Five Books of Moses) at Mount Sinai. Learning Kabblah will not help one understand Godliness; rather, learning Kabbalah will insert Godliness into one’s understanding. According to Kabbalah, the entire world as we know it comes from a Divine Source called “The Never-ending Light,” and everything we experience through our five senses is God-given so we can appreciate creation. If everything has a Divine Source, so too does humor. I have therefore chosen humor as the medium through which to deliver the Divine messages emanating from the teachings of Kabbalah. If this sounds intriguing, have I got a book for you! You can read an excerpt if you like.  Enjoy!  And if you have any questions, comments, or if you would like for me to speak at your event, contact me at  


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